World’s fastest wheel change on a moving car record set


Apparently there is a Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest wheel change on a moving car, and it was set earlier this year in Italy.

Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco set the record of 1:17.64 in February, and a video recently posted to Guinness World Records’ YouTube channel shows the insane way that they did it.

One person drove, tipping the car (an E46 BMW 3 Series sedan) up on two wheels. The other crawled out the front passenger’s side window and onto the hood to do the wheel change. Clamps on the outside of the car held the spare wheel until it was ready to be put in place, and the wheels used for the swap were smaller, lighter donut spares. For flair, the duo performed the stunt in Evel Knievel-inspired outfits.

Just keeping the 3-Series upright seems difficult enough, let alone slinging lug nuts while it was driving around with two wheels in the air. Yet Zoldan and Folco weren’t the first to attempt this; they had to beat a previous record of 1:30.

This isn’t the only wheel-changing record, either. In case you were wondering, the record for fastest time to change all four wheels on a stationary car is 49.03 seconds, and was set by a garage in Vienna in October 2021. Race cars and teams are presumably excluded from this record, as Formula One teams routinely change four tires in well under 10 seconds.

There’s also a Guinness World Record for fastest time to change a wheel on a spinning car. At 3:10, the record has stood since 2010. We’d love to see a video of that.

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