These are the Long-Dead Wagons you Think Deserve Resurrecting


A photo of a BMW 3 Series wagon.

Is this the wagon to end all wagons?
Photo: BMW

Let’s not beat around the bush, station wagons are the superior body style. They pack in the practicalities of an SUV with the diminutive dimensions of a sedan, all while looking cool as hell. Really, we should all be driving wagons.

But sadly, most people don’t see it that way. So, as wagon sales have tumbled, so too have the number of sleek examples on sale. And this annoys us, so we want to take a minute to celebrate the wagons of old.

To do this, we turned to you and asked what wagons from history deserve a second chance. Namely, what long-dead wagons are in need of resurrection?

Click through the following slides to uncover some of the best answers we got.

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