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Megha Lohia, Founder Of Design By Megha Says, “Manage Your Time!”


Excerpts from an interview with Megha Lohia, founder of Design By Megha, which offers the following – Branding, social media content, infographics, illustrations, stationery & event design.

When did you start Design By Megha and what was the intention?

In the words of Megha Lohia, founder of Design By Megha:

It has been over 20 years since I have been a part of the Graphic Design world. I began with a short stint at a corporate followed by freelancing. I came across a variety of design projects and clients that helped me grow, update and share my knowledge to the maximum.

Design by Megha as my label started in 2017 when I saw the demand for online presence. The intention of Design by Megha is to make sure the product of my clients looks good on all digital media, as result increasing their sales.

Design by Megha – Doodles was one side of me I didn’t know existed until lockdown. I experimented and decided to share my doodles with the world through my social media

Gradually, I put my doodles onto products and it was heartening to see people loving it! Today, Design by Megha offers the following – Branding, social media content, infographics, illustrations, stationery & event design.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in starting the company?

Graphic design especially for social media was already a very competitive market when I decided to step into it. I realised I needed an update myself with the latest practices and tools required for effectively managing social media and what I used 15 years ago will definitely not work.

What is the biggest mistake you made while starting your company in the initial few years?

Underpricing, not having a proper structure initially, managing time and not being able to properly communicate my ideas to my team were some of the bigger challenges I faced when I started.

If there was one thing you could advice to a budding woman entrepreneur, what would it be?

If you understand how to manage your time, the rest will all fall in place. One hour of total focus is equal to several hours of work with distractions.

(Women’s Web, in collaboration with HEN India, will present a series of interviews with women entrepreneurs. ‘HEN- Her Entrepreneurial Network’ is a community of Indian Women Entrepreneurs, connected by a vision to inspire, inform and support each other.)

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