bitcoin core – I lost my passphrase to my 150 BTC wallet


There is no way to recover a lost passphrase if …

  • All the written copies you made and kept in safe places have been destroyed or lost.
  • Any copies stamped into fireproof metal and kept in safe places have been destroyed or lost.
  • The arrangements you made, for your heirs to inherit, have all been lost. 1
  • You cannot remember all the phrase or, perhaps, at least all but one character of it.

The passphrase (AKA password) in Bitcoin core is used to encrypt the private keys in the wallet data file. If it were possible to recover the passphrase without any knowledge of it, the wallet developers would have failed, Bitcoin core would have its reputation destroyed and no-one would use it.

It is of fundamental importance to Bitcoin core that it not be possible to do what you ask.

There are programs† which can assist in trying millions of variations of a partially remembered passphrase – but for these to have any reasonable chance of success, the amount of the passphrase that was forgotten or lost must be absolutely minimal. You must know almost all of the passphrase.

You will of course be contacted by people claiming to be able to help but they will all be scammers. Once they have gained your confidence they will promise you your 3.200.000€ in return for a small fee with whatever imaginative fee-name they think you will find plausible.


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